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You are at one of the biggest crossroads of your life and it can be daunting.
You may be asking questions such as: “How can I fit in?”, “How will I learn?”, “How can I cope?”.
Thousands of your seniors from NUS have been in similar situations but have emerged to be outstanding individuals.

At NUS, we have the resources and support to help you achieve greatness.
You will pursue your goal under the guidance of renowned professors and in the company of talented peers from all over the world.
And most importantly, you are free to chart the path of your own growth and learning.

All you have to do is to Get Started with NUS!

Your Burning Questions Answered


Meet Your Seniors


Si Yun

Gien Si Yun, Year 4
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Sociology Major with History Minor


Muhammad Zuhdy Farhan, Year 2
School of Design & Environment
Real Estate


Kenneth Lim, Year 4
NUS Business School
Business Administration
NUS Sports Scholar


Ni Qing Qing, Year 2
Faculty of Engineering
Electrical Engineering


Michael Teoh, Year 4
Faculty of Dentistry


Cheryl Teng, Year 3
Faculty of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


Adriana Chiew, Year 3
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
Piano Performance


Joshua Louis, Year 3
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies


Kryssa Tan, Year 4
Faculty of Science
Applied Mathematics


Sebastian Lie, Year 2
Faculty of Science
Double Major in Statistics & Computer Science

Hui Yan

Lim Hui Yan, Year 4
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
NUS Merit Scholar



Clarence Sim, Year 3
Faculty of Science
Environmental Studies (Biology)



about nus

About NUS

The National University of Singapore is a leading global university offering a variety of multi-disciplinary programmes and global opportunities. NUS prepares you to be future-ready from your first day at the university and facilitates your engagement with potential employers. Our curriculum is constantly refined to stay relevant to industry. Beyond the requisites of an academic degree, you will have the opportunity to participate in our rigorous and broad-based programmes that allow you to delve into multiple knowledge domains that suit your strengths and interests. The NUS experience is further complemented by a vibrant community enriched with diverse social and cultural perspectives.


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