Sample Form

Singapore-Cambridge ‘A’ Levels
  • Online Application Form Type I:
There’s no sample for ‘Online Application Form Type I’ form as it’s a pre-filled form with data obtained from the Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE).  As such, we are not able to provide any sample for this form due to confidentiality of the data presented.  

Please note the format of the ‘Online Application Form Type I is the same as ‘Online Application Form Type II’, except for the following two sections:

i.    Section on “Confirmation of Particulars & Results” will only be presented in the ‘Online Application Form Type I’ form.

ii.    Section on “Admission PIN” will not be presented in the ‘Online Application Form Type I’ form.

  • Online Application Form Type II:

    • Form will be available closer to application date.

Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore

Download Sample Form

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

Download Sample Form

Singaporeans Citizens and SPRs with International Qualifications

Download Sample Form 

NUS High School Diploma

Download Sample Form

International Qualifications

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Transfer Applicants

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