Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

 1. Tuition Fees and MOE Tuition Grant

The table below provides a comparison of the tuition fee of top universities around the world. For more details on the current NUS tuition fee, please click here

Tuition Fee
Comparison Among Top Universities
Tuition Fees (Annual) Annual Estimated Accomodation / Living Cost (on-campus) Total Cost of Candidature (Tuition Fees & Cost of Living)
Arts / Architecture / Law Business / Accountancy Engineering / Science / Computing
National University
of Singapore
S$29,350 - S$38,450 S$31,800 S$37,500 - S$37,550 S$10,386 S$39,736 - S$48,836
National University
of Singapore
(With MOE Tuition Grant Subsidy, carrying a 3-year bond)
S$17,100 - S$18,500 S$20,100 S$17,100 - S$18,950 S$10,386 S$27,486 - S$30,486
S$34,135 - S$45,398 S$37,851 - S$40,108 S$37,851 - S$43,866 S$18,987 S$53,122 - S$64,385
Hong Kong
S$21,121 - S$25,693 S$21,121 - S$25,693 S$21,121 - S$25,693 S$14,236 S$35,357 - S$39,929
UK Universities S$33,186 - S$41,657 S$33,186 - S$45,848 S$45,848 - S$55,068 S$16,463 S$49,649 - S$71,531
US Universities S$56,086 - S$66,134 S$56,086 - S$66,134 S$56,086 - S$66,134 S$35,283 S$91,369 - S$101,417


2. Cost of Living

Undergraduate Students

3. Cost of on-campus housing

Undergraduate Students

Financial Needs Calculator is now available to help you determine your annual financial needs for the pursuit of a tertiary education in NUS.

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